Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There's something about turquoise

I'm typing as fast as I can so I don't miss a day of blogging on what is my busiest day of the week: Wednesday. Twenty-two notebooks of 22 high school kids await correcting and commenting.

But I'm giving a listen to the Tony Bennett-Amy Winehouse duet of "Body and Soul." Me being me, I being I, I'm singing along, imagining we're some trio.

Wanted to say, hey, take me away from all these, these being deadlines and things I've committed myself to and I can't squirm out of. (Don't be alarmed by my panic attacks. I truly love what I do.)

But then at this stage in my life, getaways are now imaginary. For the moment the Victoria's Secret e-poster will just be a goal thrown to the Universal Mind. In its own time, it will respond. I know it as sure as "I gladly surrender myself to you body and soul."

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