Monday, April 27, 2015

Steppin out with my babies

"Was it sprinkling or raining? It sounds like a conflict that will never be resolved. The cuteness is unbearable though, that is not up for debate." - a tweet from

April rains, not just showers, are assuring that May flowers will be around for Baguio residents and visitors alike.

Meanwhile, our resident cuties, The Wee One and her older summering-in-Baguio cousin Machiko Skye (a.k.a. Max), are as close as Siamese twins since Max and her Wowa Pinky came up last week. As hosts, we welcomed the infusion of little people's voices and giggles in our home. During their time together, they did the rounds of Burnham Park's playground, went boating on the artificial Burnham Lake, ran around the garden of Camp John Hay, ate in and ate out (outdoors on the veranda or in small restaurants with their elders Pinky, Granny Suzy and Kimi), played indoors.

Kai and Max at the Maryknoll Ecosanctuary's courtyard Photo by Rolly Fernandez

The crowd (partial view) that turned up to watch the MSO's morning matinee of "Symphonies and Soundtracks" Photo by Anna Leah Sarabia

They even attended a Manila Symphony Orchestra concert at Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary's courtyard just this past Saturday, sitting under a big colorful parachute with the rest of the audience on a sunny Saturday.

When I had a quiet conversation with the two to ask what instruments they saw at the concert, they piped up: "big violins! small violins! big drums! flutes and horns!" They couldn't name the others by their proper names, but that's okay. The sight and sounds of a full symphonic orchestra were enough for their and other little people's music education. Children being children, they also remember how, while they were watching, their hair and heads grew hotter and hotter from the sun.

They and their elders got a thrill when concertmaster and first violinist Gina Medina Perez approached them to say "Hello" upon recognizing the kids' faces at an MSO Academy recital last year. Max got her cheeks pinched.

Today, a Monday, I invited the wee ones plus my niece Bianca for a stroll in the neighborhood and some gross-motor play before Max departs with her elders today. It is their Tita Bianca's 13th birthday tomorrow so she's ending her Baguio summer by returning to her Antipolo fold.So happy birthday, too, Bianx, you were, and still are, an adored one like our wee ones.

Bianca takes a picture of Max, the one with the tiara (which her young cousin pronounces as "tirara") and Kai with the curly tops.

Kai demonstrates to Max how jumps are done in the park's small circle of rocks. I like to call it the village's mini-Stonehenge.

The kids run to look for the next rock from where they can take their next leap.

The cousins with their swing "pusher" and "booster"

I live for the privilege of capturing a facial expression like this one.

The girls meet new faces in the neighborhood, breastfeeding mom Joy and her cutie of a son Leon.

Then it's time to sit by, look at and smell the roses. Kai is unsure if she wants anymore of that healthy morning sun.
Photos of the cousins and Bianca by Booboo Babeth
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