Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Haiku moments

I took a six-day, self-imposed haiku challenge after joining a Google Plus community called "Haiku: The essence of a poetic moment." In the beginning, I was just an enthusiastic follower and admiring reader of the other members' works until I hit an AHAHAHA!!! moment while taking morning walks with both my grandchild and point-and-shoot camera.

Why not take a renewed dip into this compressed but still highly dramatic form that celebrates many elusive instances in Life, if only we observed and applied more the way a child intently watches and concentrates on playing at the same time? A secondary (by the way only) source of amazement is how each haiku shared in G+ gathers a hundred or so views. The number of hits is visible to the writer. Connections are being made everywhere. All it takes is a passion to pursue and continue those connections. In other words, don't stop believing. Keep on writing to your own natural and fascinatin' rhythm.

These six haiku are gifts to the oldest of my two children, Kimi, who turns 30 at midnight. Haiku birthday, K!

on this June morning
fullness of the moon unseen
stillness of tides...time

June 4, 2015

camera captures
what eludes a pair of eyes
fly on a petal

June 5, 2015

i watched the light dance
with shadows on grains of wood
but beer he wanted

June 6, 2015

what is summer's sound?
is it this gramophone's blast
glorious in purple?

June 7, 2015

now that my prayer
flag is faded, twice folded
intentions remain

June 8, 2015

a green world it sees
down side up in its brief life
wings in the morning

June 9, 2015

Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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