Saturday, July 11, 2015

2 kyootats slumming

"But, I’ve been writing (and blogging) long enough to know that even the worst case of blog blahs eventually passes: you just have to wait it out. And the best way of waiting, of course, is to keep writing, even if what you’re writing seems inane, insipid, and uninspired....When you’re in the midst of the blog blahs, you begin to wonder if you’re ever going to write another decent blog post, another decent journal entry, or another decent anything, but the only way out of that slump is to write your way out. -- Lorianne DiSabato writing in her blog

Meanwhile, here's a pic of two sisters growing up in the '60s smilin' at ya. I cropped this from a bigger collage made by my sissy Evelyn Marie (Embeng, a nickname she herself coined, how cool is that?). She followed me 14 months after I made my own Earth landing in 1955. Six more bibis followed her. Them were "the more the many-er years" when phrases like "child spacing," "reproductive health" weren't in anyone's lexicon. Like Dad, she's inventive with words so "cute" for the new little ones in our lives was never pronounced "kyoot" but "kyootat"; "eat out" is "eatat."

I truly believe her assurance when she texted on my birthday: "It's going to be okay in time. Love you with your ups and downs." I don't know where she picked up the next quote (something our late Lola Purang must've passed on to us--this propensity for seeking inspiration or a lifeline in words well thought out but simply strung together): "Beautiful things aren't always recognizable at first glance."

Okay, stamping on this temporary slump. Brookside Baby ain't drownin yet.
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