Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oo, issue pa!

Now it's my turn to tell the girl with the curly hair (Shirley Temple reborn?): "Let me take your picture."

Today is Women's Equality Day. I can almost hear some voices in the bleachers shouting, "Issue pa ba 'yan?"

It still is, believe you me. And because I live in female-dominated (by our numbers) houses in Pasig and Baguio, I have a mother, four sisters, two daughters and a grandly lovable daughter who refuses to be called "Little One" anymore ("because I'm a big girl now!" she will assert), I believe the world can bear some changes in as far as lessening or removing the treatment of women and girls as doormats.

Over the weekend, this contrast of celebrations of 18th birthdays went viral. A grandma's wish for her Not So Little One is may she grow to see what gives life both meaning and true beauty.

Contrast: Who's the person with more depth even if it's not our place to judge?

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