Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A promotion

These two works done in '08 now hang in the master bedroom of my cousins Enri and Pem Romero in their new home outside downtown Los Angeles, California. He and his wife emailed recently to announce the good news of their daughter Rica's wedding to Shannon Toribio (it happened at this spot of paradise called Houdini Mansion, yes, named after the great magician and escape artist). The cousins from other parts of Northern America flew there to be present for the newlyweds. I would've wanted to be there. They need not ask what I will give Rica and Shannon to feather their nest further. I have rolled up a painting for the couple.

Enri used to hang my works in his Los Feliz Blvd. apartment's kitchen. He kidded that he would promote them to the living room once I am declared a National Artist. And it came to pass that the works were upgraded to his and Pem's bedroom. Who wants to be in the living room when I've taken space in the most comfy room in the house? Thanks 'Ri! You're a true cousin and friend.
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