Wednesday, February 6, 2013

'You are never alone' -- A. Hepburn

Margie Holmes and Waya Araos
It sometimes feels one is most alone, especially when in a large group. Good thing that feeling is rare.

Sometimes only a letter can do it for me--I received plenty in my email today: 68 in all! Some kind of record there. And what's nice is, I found time, that most precious commodity (more precious than gold, silver, bronze, even diamonds and rubies), to answer or to acknowledge them. Despite a broken Netbook that's in a repair shop, I've managed to forward important documents to the people who needed to read them. Another great invention: Internet shops! Earlier today I hand-wrote another four letters for mailing later in the day after my 3 p.m. class. 

The biggest bonus email came from young friend Sinag de Leon who sent me happy photos from a musical farewell for one of the greatest and most creative human beings I've encountered in this lifetime, Jerry Araos. Thank you, too, Pastor Oscar Suarez, for the reminder to cultivate not just a giving but a wise heart.

By way of also bidding Liwa Araos adieu as she returns to the life she has chosen in Australia. See you again, Liwa, Audrey of my life.
Alex and Barbara Mae Dacanay
Nympha Sano and Liwa
Princess Nemenzo, an excellent reader of poetry who brought tears to the blogger's eyes, and Liwa
The great Jerry with two minor writers (the man in blue, Pablo Tariman, will protest)
The Araos family members, even in-law Patch, are great huggers. The blogger had to re-learn this gesture from them.
Photos by Sinag de Leon
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