Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bienvenue, mabuhay and kain na!

The origin of Lolikins, I do believe, is traceable to the Christmas cards/tags the family of Shorty and Lita Server used to attach to their gifts to the family in the '60s. Loli refers to our Dad, Enrique Lolarga Jr., who got the monicker Loly from his medical school classmates. So he was known as Tito Loly on Mom's side. Add Loly's eight children--we emerged as the kin. This Hizon's mocha cake, diabetic-friendly, welcomed the family of Enrique Lolarga III (that's Junic, wife Amy and their kids Sara and Christian) who're based in Calgary, Canada. Expect this week and the next to be a whirl of expanded, stuffing-our-faces reunions.
That's Junic on the front row, top almost gone, with our sister Embeng Trinidad and Bruno on her lap. Family matriarch Nene Lolarga, a.k.a. Mommy, Lola Mommy, Mama Mermaid, is between them. Second row (from left) are: Amy, Christian, Suzy Lolarga, Ida, Kimi and Kai Fernandez. Last row: Dennis Lolarga holding Bogart, Marga and Machiko Susi, Sara, Jared and Paolo Susi. Easily four generations gathered at our 38-year-old home in Pasig City yesterday.   Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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