Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Children of the King

Do you wake up to mornings when you're seized with panic at the tasks ahead of you and you're weepy and overcome with a sense of inadequacy and fearful that things may spin out of control? And the ones you can share these feelings with are literally miles away?

Then you chance upon some words and pictures emailed by dear ones, and once again, everything is restored. Someone else did the restoring, that Someone who looks beyond titles, achievements and possessions, the Someone who "defines you by his love for you." 

The words I chanced upon this morning from the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture are: "A man asked a thousand people as they walked by, 'Who are you?'  Every person responded with what he or she did for a living: 'I'm a doctor,' or 'I'm a teacher,' or 'I'm a businessman.'  The next time someone asks you who you are, say: 'I'm a child of the King.'" 

And the images are from a different kind of royalty not traced to the blood of mortal kings. This person still doesn't eke out of living that will say what her net worth is. Yet by just being herself, by just clowning and frolicking uninhibitedly in front of a camera, she is pleasing to all.

At this point, you realize that everything is and will be fine because you are not only "fearfully and wonderfully made" but also a child of the King and you like to let Him take care and take charge of you.

Webcam photos of Kai Fernandez by her Mamay Kimi

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