Sunday, October 20, 2013

A gentle reader's confessions

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It's Sunday,worship day. Yesterday was supposed to have been confession day, but since I'm a long-lapsed RC (Roman Catholic, not RC Cola), I've done my confessions everywhere, except at the confessional (a traumatic Catholic girlhood took care of that).

What has replaced the old-fashioned confessional, with its historical reference to the betrayal of the Katipunan, is reading to music, writing to more music and moving through my days with a song in my head and my foolish heart and offering these riches to my Maker.

I can't imagine reading or writing or even meditatively folding my blankie (grandchild's word for "blanket") without a fascinating rhythm throbbing in my head.

Yes, it's a way of coping, a preventive measure from tipping over and falling into a dark edge.

Recently, author Romi Garduce wrote to say that he appreciates my blog because of an inherently optimistic streak, though cock-eyed. He, however, said that his blog is "dark" (whatever that meant). 

Okay, shameless plugging again for Romi's book, Akyat! Journey to the Seven Summits. I'm excited because copies will be made available in Baguio's Mt Cloud Bookshop this month (oh, sweet October). I've made predictions that have gone wrong, but my gut declares that Romi's inspiring life story, the National Pride that he is, will resonate with many readers, not just the sports and Ze Great Outdoors communities. Even I who confesses to a favorite sport of reading while reclining until my arms and eyes hurt thoroughly enjoyed his book. 

This blog is dedicated to my Community of Learners students--I've compelled them, using my secret dominatrix voice, to read read read to enable them to write write write and soar from whatever condition(s) they find themselves in.

Back to my coy voice. Copies of Romi's book are available at the following stores:

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