Monday, October 7, 2013

Yellow belle Myramae Meneses who's getting there

"As I travel all around the world, I easily suffer from jet lag and feel vulnerable to loneliness and emptiness, especially at times when I am left alone after three hours of glory on stage.  Physically far from my family, I often feel lonely. In my next life, I would live just like an ordinary person, doing grocery shopping and cooking at home. Sometimes, I think that I could become a vet or teacher as I love animals and children. But, given my talent and challenged spirit, I could not imagine my life without doing what I am doing now..."
- Sumi Jo, soprano

The MCOF Young Artists' Series is a program that has my full and most heartfelt support because it continues to ploddingly and quietly spot and recognize musical genius. As one of the Manila Chamber Orchestra Foundation's core programs, it chooses the most promising artists who are endorsed through performance opportunities and wider pubic exposure.

It's one thing to be an artist of promise. It's another to be an artist who delivers the goods. And, girl oh girl oh girl, did soprano Myramae Meneses deliver on Oct. 2 at the Ayala Museum! The glass windows that were shuttered to control the acoustics for a voice recital shook and shuddered from the cries of "Bravo!" and "Mabuhay!" addressed to the little girl who's barely out of her 20s. 

She suffered from a bad cold that day, but nevertheless her condition didn't drag her down. What was so admirable was she seemingly effortlessly soared up and above that challenge--what's the expression? She rose to the occasion!

If I were in her shoes, I'd tremble and collapse to see music critic Rosalinda L. Orosa and music pedagogue Sr. Mary Placid, OSB, on the front row, on either side, at a solo recital. But Myramae looked so self-assured as though she were on La Scala's stage already. Way to go, Myramae!  

Now everyone who witnessed her moment Wednesday night eagerly await her team-up with tenor Arthur Espiritu on Oct. 26, this time at the lobby of the museum.
Radiant in yellow
Expressive, melodic, consoling voice
Mary Anne Espina, the ideal chamber musician and accompanist, and Myramae about to take their bows.
A kiss from a very pleased Mary Placid, OSB
That's Baby Orosa (partly hidden) on the left watching as Mary Anne and Myramae agree on the encore, "Caro Mio Ben" by Giuseppe Giordani.                                                             Photos by Babeth Lolarga

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