Friday, December 26, 2014

A lifestyle

"Giving is a lifestyle." - Inspirational Quotes found in Twitter

I saw this old watercolor work, entitled "Tres Marias", that was first exhibited at the Baguio City Museum at a Baguio Aquarelle Society show, at the fireplace of Auring and Des Bautista's home on Christmas Eve. It felt like running into an old chum. Photo by Babeth Lolarga

Very little of my body of artworks (ahem!) are left with me or my family. They're mostly in the homes or friends, other family members, including in-laws and cousins who've hosted us abroad, and a few indulging collectors, mainly friends, too.

Whenever I have an exhibition, whatever is left unsold is given away without regret as gift for birthdays, weddings, thank you for favors or just for the abiding friendship. These paintings are also handy to be around when there's a call for fund-raising for ailing colleagues or for relief/rehabilitation during disasters.

Nothing can replace something made by one's hands. A reminder for me to resume painting in 2015.
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