Monday, December 29, 2014

Not quite Tiffany blue but close enough

It's my favorite shade of blue (the kind of blue that melts into green). It's also akin to turquoise.

My daughter unexpectedly gifted me with a "pedi" treat at David's Salon at Porta Vaga, a commercial arcade along Session Road, Baguio City. I liked the place instantly because there was a private manicure-pedicure cubicle with glossy magazines covered with soft plastic to make 'em last longer until the nth customer.

I think the label means nail varnish. It doesn't specify the exact color. If I were in charge of naming the color, I'd call it Cool Grandmama Blue.

Pretty paint job

I was going to settle for the usual cleaning, clipping of toenails, etc., until I saw a glass cabinet of nail polish in metallic colors and one brand only called Cuccio, made in the US. No sign of tiny bottles of Caronia, Revlon, Jennifer Lynn or Bobbie, the brands I've been accustomed to.

I went for this easy-on-the-eyes shade. My pedicurist was quiet Rochelle. The cubicle was like a sanctuary. Salons in Metro Manila are usually gossip hubs competing with the sound of hair dryers or a TV set tuned in to a teleserye. Rochelle worked with care, would ask now and then if a side of a toe is painful (no hang nails though).

When the work was done, my grandchild came in, her eyes agog. "Booboo, what a beautiful color!" It made my Sunday! Thanks, little pal.

Cool Grandmama's blue nails set against curious Kai. Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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