Saturday, September 12, 2015

How do you do, Little Girl?

I am fool enough to take any psychological test I happen upon online to learn a bit more about myself. I took one tonight and the results told me that I have a creative personality, but there's a big BUT.

The test that's supposed to show how my interpretation of the world influences my character showed that "at the moment you feel a lot of aggression inside. It's possible that recently you've been experiencing a lot of negative emotions and have the desire to finally resolve something that's been bugging you for a long time. You need to calm down and relax. The time has come to do something new. You have the ability to draw a huge amount of strength from yourself, whilst at the same time remaining a tender and loving person."

No wonder my host's dogs have become a source of comfort. Instinctively, they know I came here to their place not just for the haven of solitude it offered but for other issues I can only address by putting some distance (for objectivity) while I work out a resolution and solution.

In return, all the dogs like Peanut, Loofah and Little Girl ask from me is a pat on the head, especially in the morning. The exercise lightens my mood quickly. At the same time I feel some empathy for these dogs that are dependent on humans for their survival through humane acknowledgment.

This chihuahua named Little Girl looks at me with puppy dog eyes.

As a puppy, his owner said, this Tisoy sheep dog was almost as tiny as a peanut (slight exaggeration there) so he was named after the nut. Then he grew and became the biggest Peanut I've ever met. Photo by Babeth Lolarga
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