Friday, January 8, 2016

Gentle Bruno

Photo by Babeth Lolarga

I am so homesick for my Baguio family that tonight I am counting my blessings instead and focusing on the living creatures here in in lowland Pasig. My eyes are on our quiet pug Bruno who shows his needs (mainly for food and water) by grunting or through hoarse barks.

Nothing fazes him. He's the epitome of coolness, the perfect foil to his easily agitated "brother" Bogart, a mini pin who's a guard dog par excellence. He can intimidate anyone with his fierce barking. Now and then he's been known to attack visitors (he nips at their shins) to the mortification of his owner, my sister Gigi.

But Bruno will have none of that "violence." He just gives you a look through those eyes that remind me of the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, then moves away. Non-confrontational.

Those who care for him--bathe and groom him daily--lovingly call him "Bruns."

Good night, Bruns. May this love letter assuage the pinch in my heart.

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