Sunday, June 24, 2012

Power to the whimsical

By way of wishing yours truly another year of good cheer and sharing through this space, here is an image plucked from It is a delightfully deceiving photograph by Brazilian artist Andre Feliciano whose works are being shown for the first time at a photo festival in Brooklyn, New York. Special greenhouses have been set up to display his "camera flowers."

I find his work symbolic or representative of what I've been trying to do with this blog, that is, combine words and images. Sometimes I'm told by my most astute critics (they are three: my partner and my two daughters) that my entries are way too lengthy, but that's a rare occasion. I usually break up blocks of paragraph with an image here and there.

Thanks to the ease of Blogger's commands and controls, I can choose to enlarge the image or keep it within normal size.

But who wants normal? Just looking at Feliciano's creation, this 57-year-old grandma agrees that whimsy has power.

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