Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On closer look

Home-bound by choice for much of this summer, I've looked for some activities with which I could fill up some minutes while waiting for the Internet signal to return before it goes off again after giving me a small window of 15-30 minutes. The customer service person/s of PLDT must hate the sound of this complaining customer who dials 172 (for DSL connections) or 173 (for landline service) at first light.

I figured why not start looking at the little things at our home office with new eyes during those interim minutes. These photos are partly inspired by my current interest in Pinterest and partly by photography professor's Ernie Enriquez's photo-a-day posts back when I was still active in Facebook. I also recall my first photography teacher, Tita "Tata" Velasco Lim, who motivated our class by insisting that  the true snapshot takers never run out of subjects.

I'm not giving these snapshots titles yet. Let me just tentatively call and file them "Still Lifes in a Home Office."

Photos by Babeth Lolarga

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