Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weather condition and an unplanned purchase

May 24, 2013

Weather condition: "Back to Baguio weather." The person in charge of the Cinematheque made this comment after he stepped out of the cinema's darkness to take a breather.

The hem of my gray sweat pants is damp from rain, and so are my socks. The rain was sudden, strong. The downpour caught me along upper Session Road on my way to Hill Station. The entrance or patio portion, though covered, started to experience a small flash flood as water flowed down the steps so I moved to the bar where I ordered a cappuccino with Splenda. The slice of dark decadent chocolate cake I asked the server to return to the chiller until my coffee-drinking companion arrived.

Coffee and Baguio--they go together like tea and sympathy (honk! honk! for being corny there) or mangga at suman at the height of an Antipolo summer.

My old journal has a few more blank pages--the entire time I was here, I couldn't bring myself to open it, except for the times when Kai wanted to doodle lines and circles.

Simply irresistible
Page marker, with a reminder to also write the day of the week and the weather conditions
I fell in love at first sight with this new journal when I swung by Mt Cloud. I just intended to browse, but I couldn't help myself. The cover illustration was truly death by cuteness!

Twice L tried to drive out of her place to get here, twice the rain held her back. But I know of people who'd rather be up here in this weather than when it's dry and sunny.

Only the bar and its smoking area are open--the Hill's main dining room is being prepared for a product launch so tables are scarce, including my favorite one. But the light at the bar is good, and the bartender Albert is familiar with my face.
Nice amber light cast in bar area
That table with the only couch I already reserved once it empties. The couch is what a couch ought to be--cushy, comfy, gray from its thin black and white stripes and tiny white dots. There I can slouch and write at the same time. What to do with my old notebook? Maybe my lesson plans for the first weeks of classes will go in them.
Proprietary about this couch
Finally, I realized that I have this "timeout" hour to myself outside the house. I'm not counting the whole days when I chose to remain home alone.

This.... (unfinished thought)

Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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