Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wandering eye

I am extremely motivated to rise before the sun now that I'm earning "accolades" for my explorations into still life photography. Oh, I don't want to sound so pretentious so I'll call them "snaps." Today I took advantage of the light between 7 and 8 a.m. when the toddler wasn't up and asking for attention.

About those accolades, it's expected that they should come from women friends and relatives. Here are their comments about my past "interesting" and "delightful" two blog posts. So thank you, Lorna, Gou, Lissa and Ida in that order for using the art of looking.

If this were a movie, well, honey, I'm getting rave reviews!

"You have a fantastic eye -- for both the common and the uncommon. The kiddie chair with the fish is sooo cute. Thanks, Babeth."

"Lovely! Reminds me of a quaint book I read a while ago about traveling in/revisiting your own room."

"Love your collection of 'random' objects! so whimsical and meaningful at the same time."

"Thank you for taking pictures of my bears. And I like the pic of myself in a frame with a stiletto beside it."  
A little grimy
Back issues
Foot board
Her books
His books
Incense cones in a heart
Bedside lamp
Lanelle's spot
Mirror and coins
My desk
Nic and snowman
Paper and plaid
Pig on a door knob
Three-letter name
Water stain     

Door stop-toy

  Photos by Babeth Lolarga

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