Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not for grandma and grandpa only

Announcement from the excellent brewer of ideas herself who loves a jam of creative people, Gilda Cordero Fernando, in her Inquirer column today:

Parade of grandmas and grandpas
The Grandma and Grandpa Club of the Geriatric Center and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City will hold a parade of the art wheelchairs with Grandmas and Grandpas riding them. This will be on Tuesday, Aug. 6, at 10 a.m., and will be followed immediately after by the raffle of wheelchairs to its donors. Everyone is warmly invited.

The art wheelchairs will be on display at the lobby of the St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City until Aug. 6. (If you ask me, I sincerely like all the chairs. All are equally beautiful, and I wouldn’t mind getting any of them as one of the sponsors.)
The remaining chairs will be on auction at a date to be later announced.

Read more:

Robert Alejandro's "The Silver Chariot"
Birds and other fauna on a wheel
Mr. Alejandro signs the work that resulted in bleeding hands.
"Citigram," a collaboration of students from the Philippine High School for the Arts
Lower half of Gerry Leonardo's "Therapeutic Rolling Vehicle"
That's the chair's back plus other colorful details put together by Leonardo.
Imagine hanging your caps or hats or chokers or necklaces on Leeroy New's "Temple of Healing."
You can sit on everyone else's wheelchair, but Aba Dalena installed this mortally hurt but still peaceful-looking angel on hers. It's pure sculpture.
These rubber silicon protrusions on Agnes Arellano's "Anti-Stress Wheelchair" work like a shiatsu massage.
Noel Cuizon and Karen Flores's "Primera, Segunda, Tercera" is guaranteed to make a seated couple feel like a king and a queen "in sickness and in health."
Cat clinging on the wheel of Wendy Regalado's "Beast Friends Forever"
Io Regalado's "Ibong Malaya" gives a wheelchair-bound patient the illusion of freedom.
Io's wheels even has claws to protect the rider.
Nona Garcia's "Dextrose Art" looks simply elegant in an exhibition setting.
A rare occasion it is when Gilda grants an interview to broadcast media (Associated Press). Here she throws her arms high to show what a high she got when three hunks from Palma Hall at UP Diliman carried her on her wheelchair to a theater. That was how the idea of an art wheelchair clicked in her mind. Dr. Joven Cuanang got into the picture along with Gilda's BFF Manuel Chaves as production manager, and the public enjoyed another good ride!                               Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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