Monday, August 12, 2013

Why today is writ large and larger

I've stored and expanded my collection of elephant images in my computer files for a number of years--make that since the time I earned the monicker "'Phant" in my family. 

Coincidentally, for the last two days, the house dresses I've worn had elephant prints. Two hours ago, my daughter announced, "It's World Elephant Day," and asked if, as Nanay 'Phant, I was going to treat her somewhere. No, not on Typhoon Labuyo Day, not when I haven't earned my day's wages yet. But yes, she can expect peanuts and fruits from Nanay 'Phant tomorrow.

For this gray-letter day (ha ha), I'm sharing some 'phant images saved from the Internet and lately, Pinterest, where I have a board for Animals. Lately, I've been cat-obsessed and "pinning" pictures of kittens and cats to my board. Let this not get in the way of paying homage to the gentle giants that still roam freely in parts of Asia and Africa.

Here's to the day when "ivory" will be heard only in Paul McCartney's song, his duet with Stevie Wonder, and not turned into piano keys, chopsticks and jewelry (where I first beheld ivory and its "uses").

Here's to the elephant large and larger. May our herd increase!
What a beauty even in its mother's womb!
Best kind of love: a mama's for her baby
Thanks for the boost, Ma.
Young 'phant, you don't have to throw a tantrum while Mama with a cool head watches detachedly...
...when you can tell her a pat on the head will do.
An elephant adds more majesty to an African sunset.
He ain't heavy, he's my doggie.
Envious about Elie's taut skin
This is the part in Disney's "Dumbo" that makes me tear up.
For an octogenarian, Babar is still smartly dressed; more importantly, he gives lessons to young readers.

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