Friday, September 27, 2013

Gardeners of the soul

While scouring through the pins in Pinterest, I happened upon this quotation and lively poster and remembered those people who have unfailingly brought a smile on my face or made my cry-laugh, snort-laugh, hyena laugh, and took away my many, oftentimes imaginary, burdens and cares. Many are dead, still a lot more are living, in my life, I'm grateful to you all.

Gilda Cordero Fernando is Queen of Sassy and Sexy Seniors. Friends Anna Leah Sarabia and Neni Sta. Romana Cruz agree.
These are the girls I often bump into, often deliberately, too, at concerts and similar events. Seated from left: Julie Lluch, Mercy Fabros, Princess Nemenzo and art-coholic Norma Liongoren. Standing are Anna Leah and Sinag de Leon.
I like hanging around musicians, especially singers like the young soprano Myramae Meneses (a name to watch), her maestra Camille Lopez Molina and DZFE's Bert Robledo. If the late Odette Alcantara was the Queen of Puns, Bert is no doubt the king. Just listen to his program "Bravo Filipino" every noontime, Mondays-Fridays. Young Myramae will have a solo recital with Mary Anne Espina accompanying her on the piano on Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. at Ayala Museum.

Yvonne Chua (in purple shirt) is our (Pablo Tariman's and my) Vera Files bossing. At the media organization's Christmas party last year, Pablo and I felt we were the most ancient at Mom and Tina's function room. We loved the turkey. Pablo, I have a pun: a pablo by any name is still not a turkey. Turkey was the main course at that lunch buffet. 

Yes, sir, they're my bibis, no, sir, I don't mean maybe, yes, they're my babes--Rolly and Kai--forever and a week.

Myriam Benito and her husband Steve are already based in New Zealand. Now and then they come home. Another wit and punster, Del Tolentino, and I make sure we're a call away when the Benitos are in Baguio.

These are the ladies who lunch rarely but well: Ester Dipasupil, Corito Llamas, Angge Goloy and Chato Garcellano. I guess this blog is an unconscious atonement because I can't be at the quarterly lunch on Monday. I'm with the Baguio garden tenders of my soul. Sounds lame, but it's the truth.
At Baboo Mondoñedo's launch of her essay collection Stepping Stones early this year, writers who drink, recite, sing, dance and whatever else makes life worth the living got together at Cafe by the Ruins. That's Baboo in stunning yellow, Luchie Maranan, Laarni Ilagan and Merci Javier Dulawan.
Linc Drilon (left) can be counted on to sing at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers. Des and Auring Bautista (between Rolly and me) lay out among the most generous tables in Baguio where talk can go on from 12 noon to 12 midnight.
Three generations say, "Heart you all!"
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