Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Standing on the broad shoulders of his father

An unseen but very much felt presence at last night's vernissage of Julian Araos "Usbong" was his late father Jerry. It was as though the older man was giving him a boost. Even the thunderstorm and traffic that prevented other guests from coming to The Crucible Gallery at SM Megamall couldn't dampen the expectation that here is a sculptor to watch very, very closely.

Julian's Inay, Dr. Melen Araos, remembers her youngest child as "full of energy, so adventurous and candid, so much like his father. In spite of being the youngest who was rather overly protected by me, he was street smart. Unlike the other siblings though, he was more playful, not so serious with school. He likes to tinker around more than sit down to read a book. After a stormy newborn period, he coped very well with no special treatment. It is a wonder how he has grown."

Although he likes to say "I'm just beginning to sprout," Julian has already burned a path to put him ahead of any competitor. He has had past solo shows of nature photography and functional sculptures (computer chair and table, upuan bisaya, easels) and the advantage of being under the tutelage of Jerry to prepare him for a newly born fascination with figurative sculpture. It won't be long before the stooped figures that reflect a mood of grieving will raise themselves proudly in forthcoming shows. 

Meanwhile, congratulations, Julian. 
Sculptor Julian Araos
Julian addresses family and friends.
Another view of "Mag-ama"
"Bisig"  Photos by Babeth Lolarga

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