Saturday, December 7, 2013

2 sisters at an outdoor art bazaar

Yesterday's accidental discovery on the Web while I was reconstructing the Play List (the other blogs I visit) on this space was "Art for Generations." Cecile Zamora of announced this two-day (Dec. 7 and 8) event of real estate developer Greenfield Development Corp.

The open space where the art fair's tents are set up used to be a parking space for wet and dry market consumers in what was formerly called EDSA Central.

The field of green is the same path I choose to walk on when I head for the MRT line that takes me either to Makati or Quezon City.

I've always liked living on the boundary of Pasig and Mandaluyong Cities. Every Metro Manila city is within reach of the train or bus, but with the holidays upon us and the heavy traffic, Greenfield is now where my sister-roommate Suzy and I prefer to go.

We visited each tent, then paused at one occupied by Prometheus Atelier. When I saw the business card of the lady inside, I quickly asked how she was related to the artist Gig de Pio. A daughter-in-law, she said, then she called her husband Simkin.

I asked if he was the same de Pio boy who was in a creative writing workshop I conducted at the Ateneo de Manila grade school, summer of '87, when I was on the second trimester of pregnancy (I was carrying my last-born Ida). He was that 11-year-old kid, and now he is husband, father, graphic designer and studio artist. Add portraitist to the list as Suzy and I took turns posing for him.

I told him, don't do me in a flattering light, please. He said he works on what he feels and what he sees. It seems what he saw of Suzy and me were our younger selves. Not complaining because we both liked what we saw. He even put my name on my portrait, "Tita Babeth," after signing it.

So pleased was Suzy with her portrait that she said it would serve as her new Facebook ID pic. I've placed mine in a corner of a bookshelf where I intend to point it out when Kai/Butones comes down from Baguio to visit her grandaunts, granduncles and great grandma next week. Wonder what she'll say, this very positive child whose favorite adjective is "Ganda!" Okay, I preempted her.

Do find time to drop by the bazaar, on its last day tomorrow, Sunday. Look for the guy with Promethean talent who answers to the nickname "Sim."

Suzy and her Ate B

Simkin de Pio sketches while Suzy dreamily looks away.

Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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