Friday, December 20, 2013

Taking a French leave from 2013

Words by Cheryl Strayed, illustration by Lisa Congdon

As the year hiccups to its end after the Bohol quake and ST Yolanda took away lives, property and a whole way of life, orphans,and we are among those even if we weren't actually there when the calamities happened, must not just move on but use the time left to reflect on what this one life we have means.

Among my options is to "waste" this one life in the way/style/manner I wanna and choose-a without further harming the self and the others I must, by necessity, live with. I must keep trying to stay intact even if this activity is perceived to be self-absorption. To stay intact in this small planet without falling apart (yes, it's small compared to the immeasurably vast universe) requires compromise.

Compromise, even hypocrisy, is necessary to establish an arbitrary peace. There are millions out there who are ably managing their one life in this way. I wanna say I don't wanna do it anymore, but then...

It's 13 days before Year 2014. Goodbye, 2013, you have been an unforgettable "frenemy".

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