Sunday, December 29, 2013


“People who walk through a doorway during the middle of a task are three times as likely to forget what they were doing.” – from @UberFacts, the most important things you’ll never need to know, in Twitter

I've heard this advice before. It was given to me because I'm on the threshold of hitting 60, the age that heralds the years of grace (these years are given to those who're undeserving but they're still freely given).

There's something about doors or arches that make you instantly forget what you went into the room for. I guess it means one must be supra-mindful. I used "supra" because I saw that on the front-page photo of the new Miss International, and the caption spoke of how the terrible year of 2013 was somehow saved by these homecoming queens, including a Miss Supra-National.

Now, where was I, and what was the point I was getting at? See, I'm starting to fade like this year!

Former door guardian elevated to another site Photo by Babeth Lolarga

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