Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bianca, class of 2014

Got a text before early bedtime last night from my sister Pinky announcing that her youngest child Bianca graduated yesterday from grade school at Assumption Antipolo and that my birthday and congratulatory letter sent by old-fashioned mail arrived just in time. Pinky directed me to her Facebook page where she wrote a loving and proud mother's tribute to a beloved daughter.

Bianx, it isn't only your Nanay who feels swells of pride. I doff my imaginary cap and lend the space to your Nanay's words:

Bianca Susi on Burnham Lake, Baguio City, summer of 2013 Photo by her Tita Babeth

Thoughts on BIANCA YSABEL on her graduation

Congratulations on your grade school graduation, another milestone in your school life. Thank you for being a diligent and persistent student. I don't have to post your report card, something I'm not comfortable and compelled to do. Your excellent grades to me is nothing new ever since you started going to school. The good person you are becoming is our work in progress. So you only have to look back to thank the people who have formed you through the years.

While others have KUMON tutors for Math and academic subjects, you have no less that your tatay's forthright teaching. For your literary needs no less that your Tita BABETH LOLARGA and cousin blogger, Ate CARLA ARRIOLA. You have your Ate MARGA SUSI creating beautiful and interesting ideas for arts and crafts and your Ate JAJA SUSI who never fails to glamor you up. Of course MAMA MERMAID and Lola INES fervently prays for you. Also those who indulge to spoil you, Kuya PAOLO SUSI, Nanay MELY ARRIOLA, Tita EMBEING TRINIDAD, Tita SUZY LOLARGA, Tita GIGI LOLARGA and Tita RUTH TERANIA. Tito DENNIS LOLARGA takes care of your health. So many to mention but we lovngly remember.

But mostly I am grateful that you have come to love your music. Even your ordinary practice of piano exercises warm my heart. So that when you read and play your classics, I am like listening to a concerto at home. It doesn't matter that you're not CECILE LICAD. Years of bringing you to weekly piano lessons, recitals and attending music concerts have paid off. Continue the passion, anak.

Welcome your high school life. The best years are yet to come. Much as I'd like to be your out of the box mother, IDK, but I'll try. So if you see me SMH on your OOTD, just think I'm still your nanay, lol. You will meet your BFF's here so treasure them for life.

Be careful of your choices, even if it means taking the road less travelled. Make sure it is always the good and the right one. There will be days when the pains and heartaches come, I'll be here…ready to listen. Remember our small white pillow? A pillow talk to share our joys and tears.

Lastly, as you also grow in your faith, make sure to lead others especially little MAX and JARED. Let the motto be your guide, ONE in faith, we love and serve and be part of your school's vision…Women of faith, women in action.

Like the favorite childrens's book that says… "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my 'baby bunso' you'll be."
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