Saturday, May 17, 2014

Breakfast for two

“We had such tremendous fun and much agony together for some years.” - Charles Bukowski

We had taken turns being under the weather. He recovered more quickly, I'm still malingering and weakening from a cold that was supposed to have run its course with a trouncing from a first round of antibiotics only for it to return with a vengeance. The doctor ordered a blood chem test. That meant I had to fast.

With the test done, I asked to be rewarded with breakfast at our favorite table at Cafe by the Ruins. The night before I had already planned what I'd order: a cup of Rizal's hot chocolate and a warmed ensaymada to dunk into the chocolate-y thickness.
Fresh flowers always on the table

What was left of the cuppa chocolate after chunks of ensaymada were dunked in it

He had something new from the cafe's breakfast selection: Sagada Rice (it has everything in it, except meat). His order came with a bowl of fresh fruits (scoops of mango, pineapple and watermelon slices) with a drizzling of honey and a cup of coffee. Hold the tira-tira candy sweetener, please.

Red Sagada rice with assorted vegetables and scrambled eggs. "Good but a bit oily" was Rolly's verdict.

It was a fine way to begin this weekend with a sky like this to assure Ms. Sniffles (me) that all will be well again.

Photos by Babeth Lolarga

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