Friday, May 30, 2014

Bright Hope Jolly Phonics Summer Class

Congratulations to Kai and her mother Kimi, the videographer. The Wee One went through a clingy phase nearly into her second week in summer class. But once she learned to trust her teachers and classmates, her guardians just had to wait outside the classroom at the Luke Foundation building in Baguio for one and a half hours, five times a week, for the rest of this month.

As early as summer of 2013, Kai could already recognize all alphabets, capital and small letters. But how to transition to blending consonant-vowel combinations and recognize words was a bit of a challenge. Until Kimi heard of this unique phonics class where the kid population was small. Small enough for Kai to feel right at home that she could declare with a smile one time when I picked her up, "I'm enjoying myself!" Sometimes she'd emerge from class holding hands with one of the boys until it was time for boy and mom to board their taxi.

Today, when you point to two- or three-letter words in Kai's list, she exaggerates each letter sound. She has a matching action for each letter like shaking her head left to right for the "t" sound, tapping her arms for "a", among others. Looks and sounds cute, but her Booboo is confident she's gonna pull a surprise on us by reading the headlines of her Grumpa Tats' favorite newspaper.

Thanks, Teacher Julia and all the kind staff of Bright Hope. We hope your new "graduate" doesn't need remedials when she enters preschool in June.
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