Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Canteen surprise

I had reason to celebrate yesterday. The results of my blood test were positively cheering, and I needn't take any more additional supplements or maintenance meds. At my age that's good news. Now if the 200 girls kidnapped in Nigeria are released unharmed, I shall be exuberant, close to falling down on my knees in gratitude.

When I got out of the doctor's clinic at the SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart, it was too early to pick up my grandchild from phonics class so I wandered into the canteen. At nearly 12 o'clock, I was famished after a very light breakfast of soupy champorado. Chocolate must still have been in my unconscious because I found myself choosing a slice of Angel Food Cake and a can of Sarsi (that soda evokes memories of childhood).

I found serendipity and peace in a canteen before the afternoon took over my life again.

The cake looks appealing and is surprisingly filling. It had the just-right moist quality and went well with the sarsaparilla, how we called Sarsi in my youth. Photo by Babeth Lolarga

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