Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shameless self-advertising

Currently up on exhibit at Forest Lodge (formerly John Hay Suites) at Camp John Hay in Baguio City are these two paintings by a struggling, but not starving, painter. These are part of the Baguio Aquarelle Society's group show, "Aquarelle."

Other works on exhibit are those by BAS moving spirit Baboo Mondoñedo, who helped revive the moribund group and brought in new members, Roland Bay-an, Norman Chow, Merci Javier Dulawan, Edna Guerrero,  Fara Manuel,  daughter and mother Lira and Luchie Maranan,  Pia Mondiguing, Lilian Oliva, Toottee Chanco Pacis, daughter and father Danielle and Patric Palasi. Baboo, an active watercolorist, also has a current solo show at Alliance Francaise on Reposo street in Makati City.

If the subjects of these works look familiar, the painter admits joyfully that yes, her grand-daughter is an unending source of inspiration for poetry and painting. No better muse than she. Her elders will have a lot to tell her about how a certain adult has turned her into an object of scrutiny. And yes, the titles are inspired by the book the grandmother reads aloud to her.And yes, yes, yes, grandma doesn't mind comparisons to Matisse. Okay, enough already!

Busy Baby Comes and Goes," watercolor and watercolor pencil on Canson paper, 12" x 16".
"Busy Baby Watches Wind Blow," watercolor and watercolor pencil on Canson paper, 12" x 16".

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