Friday, September 28, 2012

Those were the days

My sister Embeng found this little gem of a picture. The actual photo, taken by a Burnham Park photographer, is even smaller than the size of the reproduction above. The year was, in all likelihood, 1961 with our mother, Gliceria Lolarga, the adult in eyeglasses, bent over our brother Dennis and wearing one of her preggy dresses that never seemed to have left her closet for her entire reproductive "career." We, the first five kids out of eight, were all summer residents at our lola's Lower Brookside home in Baguio City. So if anybody asks why Baguio is special to this blogger, the joy on our young faces is all the reason in the world. From left: Embeng, Babeth, Dennis, Suzy and Junic. To the September borns in this pic (Mommy and Junic), happy birthday now and ever. XOXO

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