Saturday, October 27, 2012

O Carol

This was the view from the bay window in Carol Brady's bedroom in her former home in Suello Village, Baguio City, where I'd occasionally join a group of ladies whose many activities included praying with deep intensity. I call it former home because early Thursday morning, Carol returned to her real home, and the ladies know in whose bosom it is. I will miss Carol's kindness (the many times she drove me home on a Saturday night in foggy Green Valley and pulled me out of my own small dark corners), her erudition and generosity (no easy thing for a scholar like her to empty the contents of her private library and give them away to those in need of books and other reading materials; she bequeathed me the complete poems of John Donne and William Blake), her loving text messages that always ended with "my love to Kimi and Kai", her blue gray eyes that still shone despite thick eyeglasses. Where you are, Carol, is where I also hope to be in God's good time. Adieu, dear friend.

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