Monday, October 29, 2012

Those berry good friends

The mood I'm in has a lot to do with a friend's recent passing. I've told myself as far as the remainder of this year is concerned, wakes and burials will be removed from my calendar should another passage to eternity occur. Meanwhile, I'm looking at old albums and sending good vibes to friends near and far or even those I've not seen or heard from in years. These photos were taken in the 1990s at the old Hiraya Gallery in Ermita, Manila.
That's Gigi Escalante in an orange top. Nobody quite sings like her. I imagine she's enjoying grandparenthood like I do. If memory serves, this occasion was Bobi Valenzuela's birthday.

Shoko Mafune, whose very feminine, whimsical stoneware is exhibited now and then at Galleria Duemila when she comes visiting from Australia which she now calls home. Her chicken salad is acutely missed.

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