Monday, October 22, 2012

Pensive Kai

In all her recent photos taken by her mother, Kai/Butones has this pensive expression. It makes me curious what is going on in a small child's mind or how the synapses of thought are clicking in there. 

I got a recent dispatch that when her elders in Baguio asked her, "What's your name?", her prompt answer was "Booboo." Booboo is how I want her to call me so when we're together, I point to myself and ask her, "What's MY name?" It's her cue to answer "Booboo." But when she just looks at me, I point to myself and say, "Booboo! I'm the Booboo!." 

Oh, I must reword things into "What's YOUR name?" while pointing at her. That way, she can identify herself as Kai. Now how to teach her to say her alias "Butones" without confusing it with "button", a word she can already say to mean her navel or belly button.

How deep do toddlers think? Or is she just a cucumber cool kid?
Does this expression fall under pensive or not too thrilled about pigtails?
The expression on cousin Machiko Susi's face shows what a strong opinion  or personality that kid has on certain matters. Passive Butones seems she's willing to go along to avoid any conflict. Photos by Kimi Fernandez

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