Saturday, November 30, 2013

Loving Max from a distance

Machiko Skye is the name of this birthday girl born on Andres Bonifacio Day three years ago. Her unusual name was researched by my niece and inaanak sa binyag at kumpil, Marga Susi, a favorite and super-duper efficient collaborator when I'm gathering my essays and poems into book manuscripts.

Her selection of her daughter's name is right on spot. Machiko, I gather, stands for "knowledgeable person" while "Skye" is for, well, "sky" in English and Scottish.

Marga it was who also gave Machiko Skye an androgynous nickname Max. To me "Max" implies maximum speed, maximum strength--traits our little Max has because she's a fast learner and has a strong personality. I guess something of brave Bonifacio is in her, too. Spirit of the times calls for boldness and fierceness.

To you, Max, I give you these virtual gifts I found when I went treasure hunting in the World Wide Web that connects our spread-out family. Love you with all of our hearts! -- Booboo, Grumpa Rolly, Tita Kimi, Tita Ida and Kai/Butones

Flowers by Japanese painter Miroco Machiko

Hope when Max is old enough and I still have some strength left and I win the lotto, we can travel to the Isle of Skye someday. Even if I don't win, it's okay. We can always find a book to read together about this magical isle in Scotland.
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