Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nagpupumilit bumongga pa rin

Some comments from the peanut gallery:

Shouldn't they have been lined up against the wall and shot to serve as a lesson to those who love to dip their hands in money that isn't theirs and silence the opposition?

Okay, so many say, particularly the religious, forgive 'em, reconcile with 'em. But what's our assurance that it won't happen again?

As for the woman's multi-purpose centers impelled by an overweening edifice complex, the sands of time and another round of cleansing waters from wherever, whenever will take care of 'em.

Did they offer to release the codes to the Swish (no typo there) and Cayman Islands' bank accounts yet post Yolanda? At this stage of relief and rehab efforts, we're too weary to follow up on this, but someone should.

Who said someone's emeralds were larger than Dewi Sukarno's? These women who raped Asia--that's how these two are still referred to, but do they both care? Kebs nila!

As for someone's large to super-large pearls, oh, have you heard the Paris grapevine chatter lately about how one madama entered a shop specializing in pearls? The discombobulated owners said, "But Madame of the Butterfly Sleeves, nothing can compare to what you have around your neck."

"No," she insisted, "I still want to see what you have."

So forthwith trays of pearls harvested from the world's seas and oceans were presented to her, and she could only sniff and say, "Oh, there's nothing new." And out she walked with her entourage, just to let the Parisians know that Tacky Rose still has the biggest pearls in ze whole web world.

Should the peanut gallery shut up or be marked for life? Kebs! It'll continue its "we bulong" campaign the way it did not so long ago.

Hey kids! Did you know that we who grew up in the Marcosian era worked around a rumor-mongering law?

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