Friday, November 8, 2013

Painting again with Kai in mind and as partner

Call it a discipline I learned from my mother and my grandmother--something about doing something even if you're resting because if you rest, you rot. So even if I try to lessen the strain from the use of my eyes, I thought I'd indulge in something pleasant, and painting is on top of the list.

Good thing I found a painting partner in my grandchild, Kai/Butones. It can get lonesome working on a piece by one's lonesome.

Kai has assisted in the background work for the smaller watercolor and mixed media pieces while she inspired me again with the larger acrylic painting.

Thank you, Kai Mykonos Fernandez, you're always a joy to work with. And thank you, Mom and Lola, for blazing the trail.

--From a hapless but not too helpless painter

"Unfinished Garden," watercolor on paper by Booboo and Kai

"Kai Watches Booboo Have Cuppa Joe," mixed media on paper by Booboo and Kai (collection of Desiree Caluza)

"Kai Wuvs Booboo, Booboo Wuvs Kai More," acrylic on canvas paper by Babeth Lolarga

The same semi-final version of the work above. A painter or writer can revise as often as she can until she breathes her last, a final lesson from Dolores Stephens Feria.

Photos by Booboo

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