Friday, August 22, 2014

A paper person

                                                             Photo by Babeth Lolarga

I'm like Emma Paloma, ICM; we're both paper persons. If you are one, then you're easy to please. Apart from books that we read and later share or give away, you and I like stationery and other paper products. And we use them. Constantly! Especially now in the age of convenient email and texting. We don't hoard or collect. That way we spread the good lovin'.

My youngest child (although she's an adult of 27 years) recently sent me through her older sis this pair of cards from Hanoi where she had another adventure of her young life.

These cards didn't last a week with me. They're on their way to parts outside the Philippines, one to Florida, the other to Virginia. In one card, I couldn't bear writing on it so I wrote on a separate sheet of paper. That way my friend can use the blank card, just find the right envelope to slip it in and send it off to another receiver who, I hope, will be delighted.

The illustrations are actually collages. The crafts person, in all likelihood a woman, cut small strips of cloth (probably the retazo from a real ao dai) and turned them into these six beauties on bikes, complete with sun hats.

Here's to penmanship and paper.

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