Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy to see her at home with my namesake (naks!)

Filipino babushka with grandchild and her old pal Precious Leaño who's from Elbi (Los Baños) and was in Baguio briefly for a communication workshop she conducted for the Department of Trade and Industry-Cordillera Autonomous Region offices. We're flanking a gigantic rubber-cut done by Cordi artist Leonard Aguinaldo who has a solo show, "Transposition," at the Indigo Gallery of Bencab Museum on Asin Road, Tuba, Benguet. Show runs until Aug. 17
This granny goose (babushka, Booboo, lola) never thought a grandchild of hers would enter a Roman Catholic school, but she just did. And the kid seems to love it there and is thriving in the care of the Daughters of St. Mary of Leuca.

Almost a month into her nursery class, she kinda snubbed me after I escorted her to her classroom this morning. My husband thinks it's because of the babushka style I insist on outfitting myself in: bandana on my head, eyeglasses, denim jumper dress over print turtle neck sweater, warm socks to cover my chilled feet, clogs, backpack and cane. Our apo may be embarrassed to be seen with me.

Nah, I think she was more excited to see her classmates and the toys surrounding the classroom proper because she had a few more minutes of free time before the school bell rang.

I hope she also learns about the school's patron saint, among my favorites in the Catholic pantheon--Elizabeth of Hungary, patron of bakers, countesses, hoboes, knights, people with in-law problems, lace-makers, widows, the homeless, people suffering from a toothache, people made fun of for their piety, etc. That's a lot for a saint to be concerned about. But then all Elizabeths are women of faith.
Preschooler hoisting her backpack on her back and telling her elder, "I'll do it myself!"
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