Sunday, August 10, 2014

All the love you hold

Don't you just think this prayer and art from Kelly Rae Roberts' portfolio of works is so damn beautiful? It is especially apt for this Sunday, a day after a wearying but uplifting Saturday. My life being what it is, one day I'm all covered up from head to toes because of Baguio's chill, fog, the zero visibility, the sometimes siyam-siyam (almost non-stop) rains that is conducive to a condition called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). 

Next day I find myself in Metro Manila again, perspiring already after I step out of the shower and boosted by adrenalin and other chemicals necessary for life in the big city. But then and then... The weariness of travel dissipates because because...

Ms. Roberts says it all for me:  "Dear World--Thank you for your smallest of moments that bring the greatest of beauty. Thank you for the stars, the light, and your soulful hearts that make living worth ALL the LOVE you hold."

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