Friday, January 2, 2015

Before we take this tree down

"Do not despise these small beginnings for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin..." - Zech. 4:10

One of 10 or so angels

Red reindeer

Santa, of course

Mr. Whiskers

Frosty has pride of place

Star and angel, heralds of Christ's birth

We have this tiny tree, one of those things my husband loves to collect. As early as November last year, Rolly, my sister Suzy, my daughter Kimi and granddaughter Kai set up and trimmed the big and little trees. When I came down for breakfast, the job was done. I have a charmed life some of the time.

The little tree featured the miniatures my daughter bought as a pack some years ago Rolly misplaced the box of trimmings for the big tree, ornaments that I had collected over the years as our kids were growing. I thought that they'd make a nice legacy so I was collecting two of each item.

The small tree is special. It makes me think of e.e. cummings' Christmas poem "Little Tree" about how a tiny tree found "a special little place that was waiting for him all his life."

And so it is with our lil Christmas tree and those tiny things hanging on its bare branches.

It's the little things that count--I hope we all remember that in the new year.

Big shadows cast by little Christmas tree

The tree itself Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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