Wednesday, January 21, 2015


"If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I have realized that my blog has also become a grandmother's scrapbook/journal/photo album of The Wee One's development from birth to departure from toddlerhood. I've saved in a box some of the cards that went with her presents, the table tags that accompanied her mother Kimi's baby shower, her doodles, etc. But I can't seem to find the time to do that collage scrapbook I used to enjoy doing when my own children were growing up--their times of your lives books of remembrances.

Blogging about this child in my life is quicker and response time just as fast with comments on how she has grown, how her verbosity is a sign of how loved she is because she is a confident speaker. She'll even put her hand over your mouth if you've spoken way too much, and she wants her turn to render an opinion or continue a story.

When I'm in Baguio, we go on walks in our not too populous neighborhood. We're lucky when the playground doesn't have the holiday crowd of kids making a beeline for the playground. That's when The Wee One has the swing to herself. All she needs is a strong push and what follows is a delighted "Wheeee!" A living example of one who enjoys the moment!

Photos by Booboo Babeth
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