Saturday, January 31, 2015

A slice of Baguio life

Was it only yesterday when The Wee One and her Mamay decided suddenly to join me in my visit to the Hansel-and-Gretel-like cottage of friend Toottee Chanco Pacis? I had some baked items to pick up and pay for: her fabulous brownies, a pound cake (Kimi's order) and a medium-size round rum cake (Rolly's). Then I needed to take pictures of her heart-shaped rum cakes that would accompany the "Love (Letters) for Sale" (or commissioned handwritten love letters) project of the Baguio Writers Group.

I warned Toottee in advance that I was being escorted by my daughter and grandchild, and she shouldn't prepare anything for us because we had just eaten lunch. But Toottee being Toottee, she just had to make us sample slices of her rum cake before Kimi started shooting away after we did our own amateur food styling.

Chubby knows how to look at the camera. Half-seated beside him is his young admirer.

Meanwhile, The Wee One made friends with the hairy house Maltese, Chubby, recent father to several puppies. Kai was able to hold one or two puppies and pose for her mother's camera. but those puppies had to be extricated from her hands because she couldn't handle them gently. She must've thought they were as squeeze-able as the stuffed toys on Toottee's sofa (all going to the Baguio General Hospital children's ward--I told you Toottee is one of the kindest soul to walk this earth).

Happy just to be among so many huggables that'll make ill kids at the local hospital happy. Photos by Booboo Babeth
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