Monday, March 23, 2015

Painting again. Ahhhh! That feels good

With 98 percent of my writing deadlines already met and with a sudden fluctuation of electricity early today, the home-office's Wifi was down for most of the daylight hours. No connectivity whatsoever, which is torture if you make your living as a communicator. The Wifi turned okay a few minutes ago.

Not used to being idle, I brought out my brushes, canvas pads, paints, sketchbook and worked from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. outdoors, opening a golf umbrella to protect my acrylics from the sun's mercilessness.

I remembered to document how it more or less began because this was all about the undoing of my "painter's block" equivalent to a "writer's block" that had made my painting hands lie still since November 2013 (a traumatic time for all, the post-Yolanda period).

Since then I've been trying to find the right and ripe time for painting. Well, what do you know! It just needed a gentle push from a flickering Wifi signal to say, "Return to your brushes. Keep the pen, the keyboard still for a while."

The work remains unfinished. Will resume work in the morrow, this time concentrating on the image in the middle--a vase whose lid is closed.

Background first

It's gaining some form and content. I've re-discovered that I must allow for some random things to happen like smudges or accidental spills. That I shouldn't panic. This ain't a race against a deadline. That's when the colors I originally applied take on different hues as I packed in all the leftover paints before I called it a day.

Getting there, getting there. Surprise me tomorrow, Mister Sun! Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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