Sunday, March 15, 2015

Youngest food Instagrammer in Northern Philippines

"Apart from the known and the unknown, what else is there?" - Harold Pinter

So do I proceed to jump into and explore the unknown and realize more strengths or weaknesses in myself? Or do I stay put, keep still in what's popularly known as one's "comfort zone", the known? Either way, I will be taking risks.

I like risky ventures.

But certain times I also like the balance provided by the known on days when I'm alone and sick to my stomach in the house in the lowlands. Nothing supplies that balancing factor better than this photo shared by my oldest daughter Kimi. It's The Wee One playing food Instagrammer on one of the family's eat-out days.

Hello Kai, formerly Butones. Your Booboo is zipping back to your loving arms in a few more days. Hurry Thursday! I need Kai's sunshine in my life again!

Who else but a mother can take the cutest photo of her child? All because Kai's Mamay is the most familiar with the face's structure and best angles. Photo by Kimi Fernandez
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