Friday, February 7, 2014

Far from the madding colony

“Optimism does not mean continual happiness, glazed eyes and a fixed grin. When I talk about the desirability of optimism I do not mean that we should delude ourselves about reality. But practicing optimism does mean focusing more on the positive fall-out of an event than on the negative...I am not advocating the kind of optimism that means you blow all your savings on a horse running at a hundred to one; I am talking about being optimistic enough to sow some seeds in the hope that some of them will germinate and grow into flowers.”Philippa Perry

You said it for me, Ms. Perry.

Just for that, allow me to hand you this image I saved from a walk. An ant's quiet persistence, alone and/or with a group, never fails to, well, inspire. It permits me to find reason to further perspire. Okay, ending today's entry right there before I'm arrested by the Word Porn Police.

Hey, little fella, I'm with you. Photo by Babeth Lolarga
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