Sunday, February 16, 2014

The shine on a Sunday

Early today I was on the last few pages of the Steve Martin novel Shopgirl when I looked up to see the sun, not the ball of fire but its rays. They formed shapes/shadows after they broke through the glass jalousies that my sister had just opened. They were still there until I felt the sky turn overcast again because just as suddenly the rays disappeared.

Strange how these rays reflected the tenderness I felt for Mirabelle and Ray, the perfectly mismatched characters in Martin's story about love, heartbreak and healing, how all these elements lead to an education for both persons. There are times when the fictive characters we allow into our lives through reading can seem more real than those rays I saw with my very eyes.

Thanks, Mr. Martin, for time well spent with you. And by extension, thanks, Mt Cloud Bookshop, where I found and bought the book. It just called out to me from a shelf one late December day.

Thanks, Mr. Sun, for the reminder I should get up, get out to meet you again.

Pre-breakfast rays of light Photo by Babeth Lolarga
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