Friday, February 14, 2014

Love's Weird, a poem for VDay

Someone (okay, I own up- boy, that was quick) wrote the words below to someone. Let's have it--a giggledy googledy V(ictory)Day message to him who his girlfriends (wife, daughters and grand-daughter) call Rolly, Tatay, Tats.

In the garden with his mug of coffee Photo by Babeth Lolarga

it isn't from lack of passion
that my words cannot cohere
the constancy of your reliability
it covers bills maintenance meds
the weekly provisions
even the occasional new threads
(i got "batanes" to wear on my chest)
the response to SOS
for my sins of omission
will never go out of fashion
let me yell it to you for all to hear
but it's clear public pronouncements
are not your thing
so on this day i bring
you not stamps not coins
i've run out of valuable trinkets
sorry, can't add to your collector's
delight for ends and odds
odds ends amassed in
a lifetime's companionship
apart yet strangely together
in foulest (let others un-think
thoughts of sundering the union)
and/or fairest weather
but hear hear
see see
what i can be
i'm that one bewildered
woman rising
& greeting someone
chosen for love's
weird machinations
so am i getting close to coherent?

this on the afternoon
of a long day
i bring you
the world's untold
untapped riches
Screen shot of today's Google home page

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