Thursday, June 5, 2014

'Fleece like pilled blankets' - Igloria

Serendipity again. Poet Luisa A. Igloria's poem for today in Via Negativa is called "The Secret Lives of Clouds." It reads in full:

Linings of ice, chokers of hail.
Fleece like pilled blankets.
This is all you see, not
the camisole and sling-
back shoes, the chandelier
earrings strewn at the foot
of the unmade bed.

Earlier today, I took photos of the sky over our heads, my grandchild's and mine. She brought my attention to their shapes and also to an airplane moving, so miniscule in the distance, so far away I couldn't record its image. The sharpness of Kai's eyesight never fails to amaze me.

Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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